Aqupa Pty Ltd is recognised as a professional boutique building company specialising in high quality, non-standard, contemporary architecture.

Our specialist area is the high end residential sector. We also work in commercial and interior fitout.

Since our inception we set out to establish ourselves as leaders in the industry and have since gained an impressive track record providing our services to high end private property owners, investors and award winning architects.

Aqupa’s successful growth strategy is firmly based on our commitment to developing long term relationships.

Whilst adhering to our core business of construction delivery, Aqupa provides a range of front end consulting and development packaging services with the goal of adding value.

Apart from delivering outstanding workmanship, we strive to clearly enhance our client’s outcomes by providing them with our knowledge and expertise.

Front end Services

Aqupa closely partners with the client and architect during the initial planning stage of the project. Our purpose is to plan and determine up front, what can be done to deliver the project in a more time efficient, cost effective way, without compromising the design and quality.

Ultimately, Aqupa’s up front services, save time and money for the client, whilst assisting the architect in maximising the design potential within the client’s budget.

Front end consulting provides the client an opportunity to analyse all aspects of the project with the relevant knowledge and experience of a builder. Aqupa proudly provides their insight in an open and upfront manner, with a genuine understanding of their client’s objectives, and with an appreciation of the architect’s vision.

Construction Consultation

  • Outline any foreseeable build ability issues.
  • Undertake extensive site analysis and research, to minimise unforeseen circumstances during construction.
  • Advise on construction methodology and providing alternatives.
  • Provide building material options and techniques.
  • Advise on building standards and health & safety requirements.

Cost Planning

  • Determine a realistic construction budget to suit
    the projects objective.
  • Maintain and monitor the budget during design development by providing ongoing cost control analysis and estimates at each stage.
  • Provide cost comparisons and alternatives.
  • Determining actual final building cost.

Construction Delivery

Our specialist team provide expert building works from the ground up. We have gained a reputation for the delivery of precise workmanship and employing the most up to date technologies in fabrication and installation.

The delivery of quality buildings demands an equal amount of professionalism, both on site and off, during each phase of the process. A healthy level of communication and documentation play a vital role for its success.
The direct involvement of the company directors is standard practice for each of Aqupa’s projects ensuring its critical requirements are met.

Our construction delivery process focuses on providing expert building management, contract administration and quality control with emphasis on a high level of compliance for safety and environmental issues.

Development Management

Where property investors and developers require the use of a manager to minimise their risk and ensure the maximum potential is achieved for their development, Aqupa provides a tailored management and consultation service to assist with their developments.

Aqupa’s experience has allowed us to build key relationships with all the appropriate consultants and authorities involved in the development process of this sector. Our services can be relied on by our clients to ensure their development outcomes are met with cost effective and time efficient construction solutions without compromising design or quality.

Our services range from the identification of a suitable site through to the final placement of the development project.
Aqupa embraces a more open approach in the way we service our clients.

Development Packaging

Aqupa provides front end development packaging to meet the individual requirements of our clients. We practice an integrated approach consisting of development management, design management, cost planning, and expert strategic consultation.

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