Aqupa Pty Ltd began its career with one of its most complicated projects to date.

Established in 2003, the company's principals were brought together out of necessity.

A highly complex building project, known as the 'Butterfly House' required a very unique and specialised team for its construction. Even its award winning architect, Ed Lippmann, stated that "many of its details would be a first". Its construction demanded a certain type of craftsman builder with an appreciation for good architecture.

The challenge initiated by Michael Canturi, was to form a highly skilled and dedicated group of individuals, each with a lifetime of building experience and willing to push boundaries.

The eventual overwhelming success of the project resulted in bringing together dedicated, like-minded people, with the same work ethics, driven by high standards, professionalism and teamwork.

Since completion, the Butterfly House has become internationally recognised as one of Australia's most iconic houses.

Today, our purpose built group successfully continues to grow as leaders in the industry with focus on service, expertise and quality.


Our Team

As we understand the importance of long term relationships with our clients, this also applies to our staff and loyal team of trades and contractors.

Firstly, it is important that we use the best tradesmen and suppliers in the industry and secondly, that they share the same appreciation for architecture.
We ensure that, although highly experienced, they are open to learning and committed to working in a professional and safe manner.

Most of our tradesmen have been working with us for many years, some relationships spanning over 15 years.

Having these ongoing associations are vital to Aqupa’s growth, as they offer us the confidence to guarantee each new project is delivered with the same high standard of finish as our previous.


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